Soft Skills for Project Management

Soft Skills for Project Management

Program overview


Soft Skills for Project Management program delivered by Facilitate PD focuses on the development of your skills and understanding to engage and manage all stakeholders and their concerns throughout the project lifecycle. In this program you will define your key stakeholders and their intentions, risk and issues management and develop an effective project communication and marketing plan.


Included within the program, you will receive a comprehensive Learning Guide as well as editable Project Management templates provided in Microsoft Word format, which you can use after your training to modify or adapt in accordance with your project requirements. By the end of this program you will have project communication and marketing plans in editable format.

As this is an experiential based process, an enjoyable and creative aspect is reflecting on, and redesigning real life projects. For those with existing or up-coming projects, the workshop acts as a project clinic, letting you review and redevelop your project (with a great team of collaborators). You will learn theory as you go and you will have ample time to reflect and apply your learnings.
Benefits of attending this program
Facilitate People Development utilises trainers and assessors who have extensive experience as project managers and are able to share real life experience with you. You will explore proven community engagement models, issues management strategies, risk management techniques and contingency planning processes.

We also provide the opportunity to use the outcomes of your project towards a full nationally recognized BSB51413 Diploma of Project Management. At all levels you will be able to incorporate current projects from your workplace and you are welcome to present evidence for recognition.

Who is this Program For?
This Soft Skills for Project Management workshop is recommended for project team members, operational personnel and anyone new to a project management environment who wants to learn how to engage project stakeholders, assess and manage risks, issues and change scenarios, to achieve project outcomes.

Program Cost

The cost of this workshop is $66 (including GST)
Enrolling is easy

To enroll use one of the following methods:

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