People Development

People development is crucial to your company’s success. Developing existing talent with a focus on business objectives and growth opportunities can give you your greatest competitive advantage – your people!
The journey for your new employees through to becoming your leaders can greatly affect your organisation. Developing effective and loyal staff is critical for the future success of your business. Faciitate PD introduces you to a range of assessment tools with people development expertise to extend critical leadership and management competencies.


Program overview
In the People development program we will take you through a process to evaluate work-related personalities, employee abilities and other factors influencing job-specific competencies. We help you identify skill gaps, and develop processes to build upon current competencies and future organisational needs.
People development also introduces you to effective strategies to assist with building a great culture; defining your working expectations and how to communicate them; managing difficult behaviour; building productive teams; providing quality service; and giving people positive recognition and encouragement will also be covered.
We will introduce you to a range of techniques for enabling all levels of the hierarchy to work together, through effective collaboration across the organisation, mastering complexity, and tackling big priorities on all fronts. We’ll explore learning organisations, and the impact of these on organisational culture.


Included within the program, you will receive a comprehensive Learning Guide as well as editable People Development templates provided in Microsoft Word format, which you can use after your training to modify or adapt in accordance with your organisational requirements. By the end of this program you will have a people development plan in editable format.
You will learn theory as you go through the program, and you will have ample time to reflect and apply your learnings.


Benefits of attending this program
Facilitate PD utilises trainers and assessors who have extensive experience as organisational development consultants and are able to share real life experience with you. You will explore proven people development models, organisational scoping strategies, risk management techniques and contingency planning processes.


Who is this Program For?
This Facilitate PD People Development program is recommended for supervisors, senior operational personnel and anyone new to a human resource environment who wants to learn processes, responsibilities and requirements to achieve effective people development outcomes.


Program Cost

The cost of this workshop is $66 (including GST)

Enrolling is easy

To enroll use one of the following methods:

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