Mindful management

Mindful management


Mindful Management is about understanding the intentions of our actions and others, and accepting that we all have things to learn and areas in which we can grow and develop. Each of us can develop a clearer sense of our work through an understanding our self, our staff, and our customers, and we can become very effective at what we do.

Program overview
The Mindful Management program is focused on developing the skills to more effectively manage your own intentions and emotions as a manager and employee. You will be taken through a process to more fully understand your self motivations, those that are managing you, and of those that you seek to manage.  Mindful management is the increased awareness of the consequence of actions.facilitate red dude 40percent


Techniques will be introduced to motivate staff, organise and encourage teams, and resolve conflict situations; all using mindful techniques.This workshop will also help in your daily interactions with people and help to develop more constructive communication techniques.


Included within the program you will receive a comprehensive Learning Guide as well as editable Mindful management templates provided in Microsoft Word format, which you can use after your training to modify or adapt in accordance with your organisational requirements. By the end of this program you will have a performance management system in editable format.
As this is an experiential based approach, reflecting on, and redesigning real life situations. You will learn theory as you go through the program, and you will have ample time to reflect and apply your learnings.


Benefits of attending this program

Facilitate PD utilises trainers who have extensive experience as organisational development consultants and are able to share real life experience with you. You will explore and develop mindful management techniques and mindful ways of thinking.

Who is this Program For?
This Faciliate PD Mindful management program is recommended for supervisors, senior operational personnel and anyone new to a management environment who wants to reflect on their current management approach, or learn processes to achieve effective mindful management outcomes.


Prorgam Cost

The cost of this program is $50 (including GST)
Enrolling is easy

To enroll use one of the following methods:

-Enroll via our website link

-Email us at facilitatepd@gmail.com

-Message us on facebook